Before #TeachersWrite 2015 officially started on Monday (July 6th), Gae Polisner posted an early “Friday Feedback” for writers to submit an excerpt from a Work in Progress (WIP).

Reading Gae’s blog made me braver than I was feeling before coming to read her reflection on becoming a writer, so I jumped in! Well, maybe I stepped into the shallow end, but I posted a poem for Friday Feedback, and Gae, as well as Greg Armamentos, and Krystal Oh, replied with words of encouragement and praise. It was a very warm welcome to #TeachersWrite!


Here’s is what I posted:

Okay, so yesterday I tweeted that I would be brave and join in. I don’t have a WIP, or ms. I have a writer’s notebook and I don’t use it nearly enough, which is what I hope to achieve by being in TeachersWrite. Last summer I participated in the summer institute for the PA Writing and Literature Project, and I discovered the true power of being a teacher who writes. I wrote alongside my students this year, and we learned together and built a true writers’ community. But I struggle to write regularly, and I would like to develop the habits of a writer, and not just think about all the things I could be writing. That said, I’ve done a bunch of reading and a little writing and I will share a found poem that I wrote in the margin of 59 Reasons to Write after I finished reading page 21.

Writers Need
a found poem inspired by the words of Kate Messner

Writers need
to feel safe,
free to push themselves,
write honestly,
from personal experience.

a new way of writing,
or different point of view-

in a supportive,
safe environment,
go deeper,
beyond comfort zone–
rather than fear.