On July 13th, Liz Garton Scanlon hosted on Kate Messner’s blog. Her lesson was about rhyming poetry, and her prompt was to try writing a 12-line poem with a rhyming pattern. Here’s what I posted:


Liz, thank you for this informative and fun lesson! I feel that it has helped me learn some keys to teaching poetry to my third graders. I appreciated your explanations on how to choose rhymes, and also how to attend to the meter of your poem. I especially liked your point about choosing rhymes that make no sense. This happens often when writing rhyming poetry with third graders, so I will appreciate sharing this wisdom with them!


I had fun with this and chose a topic that is related to one of my big missions this summer- to declutter my house. The title of my poem is the title of the book that I reference in the poem (the one that set me on this mission!).


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying


I have KonMari fever!

The house is pulled apart.

I am a big believer,

that my clutter must depart!


The book I read was magic.

Bags and bags have left my house.

But, my husband thinks it’s tragic,

even though he does not grouse.


Still, he cannot help but wonder,

Will there be an end to this?

What is this spell she’s under?

She keeps saying this is bliss!