Morning unfolds
a share of gratitude
as our ceramic token passes
’round our circle

Gratitude felt
for family, friends, our homes
each other
this moment

Notebooks open
we focus
on a special person
thankful thoughts emerge

Heads bent
we are separate
and together
as pencils scritch

Comfortable silence
envelopes us and
our notebooks
receive our ideas

Thankfulness fills
my page
a child approaches
notices my tears

He retreats
while another deposits
A handful of tissues
most writers unaware

Wrapping up
our writing
others see my
tear-stained face

Question posed
Can you guess
the person
I wrote about?

Voices chime
your son
Yes, my baby, far away in Japan

Writers smile
and a girl pats my shoulder
Good job, she says

Smile returned
I feel another well
of gratitude
for this community

Safety created
for writers to grow
and share
our bond cemented

Writers connected
through words and
experiences, unique and alike
grateful for this space