Here I am slicing, and I’m wondering…

Are my students slicing? How did they do this weekend? Did they struggle to come up with writing ideas? Did they have trouble finding time? What did they write about?

When I last saw them on Thursday, they were excitedly showing me what they’d written, and the enthusiasm was high. I am hoping the momentum carried through their three-day weekend.

There was a wonderful range of what students had written about. One boy wrote about waking up and thinking about eating a doughnut for breakfast. Another student wrote about playing tag at recess. A girl explained how her dog had been scared by the other dogs on their walk to the park. Another recalled a trip to the beach and renting a paddle boat with her mom and sisters. Two students wrote about the math benchmark assessment we had been taking. It gave me a window into the lives of my third graders.

I hope that three days of slicing together was enough to help my students see the value of writing about their lives, and maintaining a daily writing habit. Tomorrow will tell.