I could only nominate one person for the “New Slicer Challenge,” but I wanted to nominate every person who had ever commented on this blog because, to be perfectly frank, blogging is hard to keep up, and it is often terrifying to hit the “Publish” button (but less so since starting Slice of Life!).

As I considered the various comments and which commenter would get my nomination, I went to my blog and reviewed the comments I’ve received during the challenge. The person I ultimately nominated was Aileen Hower, who had been there the most often, and for this I am exceptionally grateful! I am stubbornly holding on to my goal, but I would not say that I have hit a stride. As the hours count down each evening, and I haven’t yet posted, I begin to sweat, and I reconsider my resolve. It’s a good thing I am stubborn, because quitting is not really a part of my makeup, but I could come up with some wonderfully valid reasons for which I am just not able to continue the challenge. (That’s not the same as quitting, right?) I could, but I don’t, and part of why I haven’t is that writers, like Aileen, have shown up each day to offer their encouragement.

So, I’d like to thank every commenter/writer/slicer who has supported so far this month!

Thank you, Nina Anderson, Darlene Andre, Arjeha, Rose Cappelli, Carolyn Carr, Catherine @ Reading to the Core, Susan Dee, Lynne Dorfman, Tricia Ebarvia, Kristin Edwards, Fran, Deb Frazier, Deanna H, Michelle Haseltine, Molly Hogan, Aileen Hower, Jen, Julianne, Lisa Keeler, Molly Kirk, Dana Kramaroff, Kristy L, Natasha Labaze, Clare Landrigan, Lee Ann, Kendra Limback, Lisa, JenniferM, Alice Nine, Stacey Shubitz, Shelly, Lori Sheroan, CarolT,  Ramona, Krista Schmidt, Gretchen Schroeder, Tara Smith, Kathleen Sokolowski, Storykeeper/Ruth, Erika Victor, Kathy White, and Vanessa Worrell!

Your words keep me coming back day after day.