I should have jotted that idea down. It was the end of my last conference today. We were talking about writing. My student and I talked about slices, and the parent talked about photo journaling. I mentioned my recent slice about getting the giggles.

“You wrote about that?” the student asked while smiling and looking amused, and maybe also a bit surprised that this had been a topic I’d chosen.

The parent chimed in, “That’s funny!”

We got to talking about other ideas for writing, and tiny moments that could be captured. My student said, “You could write about…” Except, I can no longer remember what was suggested. A lot has happened since 3:20 this afternoon, so now, I’m writing about the moment when a student suggested a topic, and I responded, “That’s a great idea. I think I’ll write about that tonight!”

If only I could remember what that great topic was…

Perhaps a good night’s sleep will jog my memory, and my topic will be chosen for tomorrow night!