I had just typed my title, fingers hovering over my keyboard, and I noticed a new comment. I can’t resist clicking on new comments, so click, I did, before even typing the first word of this post. Greeting me, in response to my Day 24 post, were thoughts from Elisabeth Ellington:

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.45.20 PM

This is just what I needed. Well, I always need comments…they really do keep me going. But, I was about to launch into my sad self, and instead, I read Elisabeth’s uplifting comments. I went off to read her blog. Her Day 25 post was just what I needed. You can click her link to read it:

Here, I Write: Slice of Life 26/31 #sol16


After reading her post, I left a comment. Probably the longest I’ve ever left, but Elisabeth had her timing just right, and her words so perfectly selected! Here is what I said (it doesn’t appear to be up ion her site yet):

Dear Elisabeth,

This is why I am here…

“Here, I write. I’m reading more than I write. I always do. It feels like a visit with dear friends. I bookmark several ideas I might return to later. I try to comment generously. So many new-to-me slicers. I remember how much comments meant to me when I was a new blogger. I think about how much they still mean to me. I remind myself to focus on the craft too, not just the content. It’s so easy to connect to the content. It takes more careful thought to attend to the craft.”

You left a comment, and you attended to the content and the craft, and it was the most perfect distraction at the most perfect moment. And one more thing, your first name is my mother’s name, and my middle name, and it is spelled just the same, with an “s” and not a “z” and that feels incredibly perfect at this moment. Please come visit my Day 25 post, in a little bit. I’ve interrupted the writing of it to visit you.

Your “Here, I write.” slice is beautiful. The repetition brings the reader into different scenes and facets of your writing life. It is a beautiful way to capture your writer self. I loved getting a glimpse into your spaces and process. I, too, try to comment on craft, and am appreciative for your comment, and the specificity you offered. Your comment mattered more than you can know. I am returning to my post, which your comment gratefully interrupted.

With gratitude,

Feedback is always awesome. Feedback that makes you feel like you are on to something is even better. Feedback that comes from someone with your name, and your mom’s name, that is spelled the same way seems like fate. Feedback that distracts a feeling-sad-mom from her packed suitcase and the knowledge that she needs to get on a plane in less than 12 hours, and leave her grown-up baby, is the best kind of feedback.

I thought I’d be writing about trying not to be sad. Now, instead, I have distracted myself with the lovely comments and post of Elisabeth, with an “s”, Ellington. I have not blubbered over my keyboard. I’ve actually smiled and chuckled, and totally appreciated the humor in her piece when she talks about her son waking and then telling him: “I don’t even know how I lived without you for these twelve hours! I’m so glad you’re awake!”

LOL! I needed to read that. I also found the juxtaposition interesting because, I actually don’t know how I’ve lived since July without my baby, and I’m not sure how I’m getting on that plane.

Okay, my eyes are a bit filled up, but still, I’m not a waterworks, and I have Elisabeth to thank for that!

Now, I will try to sleep for a few hours before having breakfast with my baby and my trip home to the other side of the world…from my baby. Yes, I’m trying not to be sad, and I’m happy to have had help from a fellow TWT blogger and commenter!

CORRECTION: 3/26/16 at 1:56 PM / 3/27/16 at 2:57 am in Japan: The time difference is wreaking havoc on my thinking! Please note that my references above to “days” in the challenge are wrong. I had yet another posting panic as I tried to post for Day 25, found the comments closed, and realized that I was actually on Day 26 and had already posted for Day 25. Elisabeth’s above-referenced post is for Day 26, and the post she commented on for me was for Day 25. Tomorrow, with a sad heart, I will return to my own time zone, and a lot less confusion!