NOTE: This is a writing exercise I learned through Teachers Write Camp (#teacherswrite). You write 3 words per line, and when you are finished, you have a piece of writing that may have started as narrative text, but comes out more like a poem. Cool, right?

Returning Home

I have been
in transit since
8:00 this morning,
but that was
yesterday, I think.
Let’s see, I
started on Sunday
morning in Japan.
It is now
Monday there, and
the time is
8:46 in the
morning, but for
me, in the
U.S., it is
Sunday night at
7:46, which means
I’ve been traveling
for just over
24 hours, and
all I can
think about is
a shower and
the dinner my
husband has cooked
because I am
exhausted and ravenous,
and even though
I would have
stayed in Japan
for much longer
with my baby,
I am relieved
to be back
to the comforts
of my home.
In Japan, it
is tomorrow, and
here it is
the day I
left Japan, which
gives me a
few hours to
share stories of
my trip before
returning to work
routines and the
probable jet lag.