Finish it. Please. Finish. Set a time limit and stick to it.

These are my husband’s words as I nod off again while commenting on a slice. I thought I would start with comments and then write my slice and be finished before 9:00 PM, but jet lag is getting the best of me, and I keep falling asleep, eyelids dropping in parts until they close fully and my head flops down.

It is 10:00 AM on Tuesday in Japan. I have swollen ankles from the 15+ hours of flight time, and the throbbing, tingling feeling is surprisingly not enough to keep me awake, but I need to stay awake long enough to get this slice written and posted.

Here’s what I am wondering as I ponder this challenge and my push to complete it:

If it weren’t for the challenge, I would be in bed, sound asleep by now. I think that would be the right choice if I weren’t so stubbornly trying to finish all 31 days of SOL. When this challenge is complete, I know that there will be nights when I give myself a pass on writing. What’s most important is minimizing the number of passes I give myself. I want to maintain the momentum and commitment I’ve gained this month. Maybe what this challenge has taught me is how much writing I can do, and how many obstacles I can work through.

Tonight, I pushed through jet lag to string together words and write my ideas. I think I’ve earned a good night’s rest now.