I’m All Confused on Day 23 and Day 24!


A moment before I started typing this post, I had the second scare, in less than 24 hours, that I’d missed my slice post. A physical lump came instantly to my throat and a clenched feeling gripped my stomach.

Nooooo! I thought. I was so close! I was on top of it! I kept up with the challenge through all the challenges! Tell me I didn’t mess it up now, just as I’m getting to the final moments!

Yesterday, I had posted at just after 11:00 pm EST on the Day 23 call for slices. Then I went to comment on other posts. When I came back to Two Writing Teachers awhile later, I saw the Day 24 call. I considered writing that post, but I was soon going to meet my son, and needed to get ready. What happened next is now unclear in my head because, I was finished linking my Day 23 post on TWT’s call, and I had commented on Day 23 slices, so I should have been set to go. Instead, I clicked one more time on the Day 23 call and scrolled through the posted links. I didn’t see mine. Oh no! Did I accidentally post Day 23 on Day 24, and miss the call for a day? I actually had a panicked feeling as I clicked on Day 24. Two links on the new day’s call, and mine was not there. I went back to Day 23 and scrolled through. Nope. Not there. Well, that’s the end of that I thought. I felt deflated. All that work for nothing.

Of course it wasn’t for nothing, but beyond all that I have learned and gained from this challenge, I really wanted to say that I’d gotten to the end. Despite the challenge of developing a routine of “writing aloud” daily. Despite the challenge of writing during conference week. Despite the challenge of traveling to Japan in the middle of March. Despite the time differences and 20 hours of travel in each direction. Despite all the little interferences that threatened to derail me, I had made time to write every day, and then…disaster!

But, wait! I know! I scrolled back through Day 23, which I had posted from my phone. For whatever reason, on my phone, I can’t seem to post through my Google account, so my picture wasn’t listed with my comment, rather a random avatar had been attached. I scrolled slowly through the times, and there it was…

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.52.25 PM

A funny green monster stood in for my picture, and the time stamp of 11:01 pm assured me that I’d made Day 23! Relief.

And then this morning, I went to comment on slices first. As I hit the back button on my browser to return to the Day 24 call, I saw “Day 25” show up on the blog I had just been reading. NOOOOOO! I thought again. How is that possible? I backed up another page to TWT. There it said Day 24. I clicked on the TWT home page. No Day 25 posted yet. Whew! I had simply stumbled upon someone who is clearly better organized than I, and had posted their Day 25 slice while I was reading their Day 24 slice.

I will take a lesson from this. I have two more days in Japan, and then I reverse my 20 hour journey. But, instead of living in the future, I will go back in time, arriving in the U.S. 15 minutes earlier than I leave Tokyo on Sunday! What does that mean for the March challenge? I had better be sure to have my timing right! I am stopping here to make a chart…


Okay! I’m ready! Seven more days of writing in this challenge. I got this!

Tomorrow, or today, depending upon your perspective, I will write about an experience from my trip that doesn’t have to do with confusion over different time zones. I’m off to the Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum.


In the moment…




In the moment…

I want to stare out this window.
I want to drink my Jasmine tea
with sweet honey
and listen to the wind howling
and whistling
through the gaps in the sliding doors.

I don’t want to slice at this moment.
I want to be in the moment.

I want to gaze about the room.
I want to taste my buttery croissant
with flaky layers
and smell the lilies decorating
and nestling
amongst the all-white flowers in the central vase.

I don’t want to slice at this moment.
I want to be in the moment.

I want to think of my days here.
I want to replay my experiences
with Jeremy
and remember the conversations sprinkling
and weaving
throughout the sightseeing in the week.

I don’t want to slice at this moment.
So I will leave this slice-in-verse
and return to the poetry of this place.



Going to See My Baby!


I am just over 12 hours from jumping on a plane. I am less than 48 hours from seeing my baby. My baby who moved in July to the other side of the world.

After a week of conferences and keeping my excitement contained, I am finally at the eve of my departure. Less than 50 lbs. of luggage, all-carry on, sits in my hall, awaiting my trip to Japan where my son has taken up a life.

I have not seen his animated face through Skype or Facetime. He does not have wifi in his apartment. He does have a cell phone though, and technology trumps snail mail. We have employed LINE app to send photos and messages. We’ve also used it like a phone so I have heard his voice.

But, since July, I have not seen him talking to me, or laughing, and I have not hugged or kissed that child. On Sunday night, Okinawa time (EST +13 hours), I will get to squeeze my baby. My heart squeezes a bit just thinking about it.

Somehow, I plan to keep up my slices. I will capture some moments, like when we visit an elementary school, and go to traditional cultural sites. It should be fertile ground for my writer’s notebook…if I can stop soaking in my child long enough to pick up my pen, or tap out some words on a keyboard.